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Opening Mac Applications That Won't Open

Can users read and edit each other's files? What happens when you delete a user account? Read More , then you might face a similar problem. Apps you install on other accounts should not pose a problem. But if you delete the user account, the App Store will not know that you have done so and will encounter similar issues. The App Store provides regular updates to both system and third-party apps. You might see a familiar Waiting or Installing—Calculating message just beneath the download progress bar.

When the download begins, the App Store creates many temporary files in the cache folder. In the first step, you must clear the App Store cache folder as mentioned above. Quit the Mac App Store, then open a Terminal window and type the following command:. Delete everything inside. Next, you must delete the user com. To do so, go to. If an app gets stuck during the installation or gets corrupted for some reason, then clear the contents of this folder.

Otherwise, skip this step.

As usual, that's where we come in. This will ensure that when you re-download the update, the processes will not hang again. Open the Activity Monitor and set its view to All Processes. Type in store to search for App Store related processes, and force-quit all of these daemon processes:. Go to the following folder:. Then press the power button to start your Mac again and the problem should be gone.

One of the most notorious problems of the Mac App Store is when it displays the error message Cannot connect to the App Store. This has multiple causes, but you can solve them.

1. Missing App Store Purchases

First, you must check your internet connection. Choose the Network item and ensure that there is a green icon next to the network in the left sidebar. Sometime the issue may not be a problem on your end. Like the original poster, I could not get into the store via the App icon in the my applications folder.

Jun 3, Jun 4, 8: Jul 31, Try resetting your network connection. Nov 23, Wanted to try this approach as my App Store simply doesn't open at all. However, when trying the very first step, I realised that Safari refuses to open as well.

2. Apps Incorrectly Show Up as Installed

Jul 1, 7: My computer Mid MBP Retina 13" did freak out a little bit upon sign in, but it simmered down after about 10 seconds. Thanks for your help! Jul 7, 2: Jul 13, 5: Having the same issue.

None of these apps will open. Have tried all the listed solutions with no effect.

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Jul 14, Do a backup, preferable 2 separate ones on 2 drives. Then re-install the Os. OS X Recovery 2. App store won't open More Less. Communities Contact Support.

App store won't open - Apple Community

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. Fri 17 Oct at Fri 24 Oct at 2: Wed 29 Oct at I had this same problem: App Store very slow to open window, and window permantently blank and disfunctional. So the NVRAM reset may not be the thing that fixes it; it is a very low level thing to affect something as high level as an app. It is generally best to be progressive in how hard you try to kick things, eg: You will do less damage misconfiguration and learn more about the specific action that fixes your problem. Sun 23 Nov at 3: Thu 25 Dec at 6: Sun 22 Feb at 5: Also did a Disk repair.

Any other ideas? It worked! Please disregard my comment from 2 mins ago…. Wed 1 Jul at Joe Thanks a bunch. This was killing me and I had to resort to downloading software from unauthorized sites. Saved me lot of pain. Regards Krishna.

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Tue 7 Jul at 4: Fri 24 Jul at I followed your instructions to the letter! But still, no dice. Which is a shame, because I really want to get on El Capitan trial bandwagon!

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My specs right now are following: OSX Yosemite Version Tue 26 Jan at 3: I had the same problem yesterday, I have written a post how to resolve it there with screenshots please check it out. Thu 10 Mar at I was about to throw something at this incredibly expensive macbook pro. Sun 20 Mar at 3: Thank you! This worked for me. Again, thank you! Sun 17 Apr at 2: Wed 4 May at 7: Mon 12 Dec at 5: Thu 22 Dec at 2: Edit your Keychain. The Keychain holds passwords and certificates used to create authenticated connections from apps such as Mac App Store.

If the issue still happens after following the previous steps, try editing your Keychain. Select Certificates from the left hand column under Category 3. Type Class into the search field in the top right corner of the Keychain Access window and press return. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the word Trust to reveal the certificates permissions. Confirm the Administrator password in the window that will appear.

Double-click on the same certificate that was opened in step 5. Again Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the word Trust to reveal the certificates permissions. Change When using this certificate: